10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition!

• Only 100 digital copies available

• Each copy is numbered & signed

• Sold on the Blockchain as an"NFT"

• Collectors Item

Please notice that no new material is added to the book, so if you are not a "collector" the original book will suffice and you don't need to read any further.

On the other hand, if you are interested in owning a piece of history, please read on!

The book has a few changes: a nicer layout, page numbers have been added, each copy is numbered (example #51/100) and signed!

Why sell this book as NFT? If anyone can download the file, why would I buy the NFT?

If you have a printed paper book, you only have that one copy, signed or not. If I wanted to sell it, the physical book is pretty tangible.

If I just emailed you a digital copy of the book, you would not be able to prove that you own that copy. Especially if you want to resell it later. You can regard an NFT as an "ownership token", but also an investment. Yes, NFT's tends to rise in value over time!

NFT's are mostly used to sell art but anything can be "minted" into an NFT. Here is a great article:

Why Would I Buy The NFT?

One of the most successful NFT artists said it the best: “Everybody sees it, only one owns it”.

My book is available on OpenSea:


I will also post my art for sale.

Blockchains are here for the next 500 years! Join the revolution!



Here are a few articles to get you started:

Getting Started

How to make an offer

How do I add funds

What is a crypto wallet?

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