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• How to manually activate the Kundalini

• How to practice channeling

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What are students saying?




"...A really amazing workshop to practice healing with different energies..."




"...I have used Muscovite Mica with my water and that water is noticeably softer. I have filled water into a small spray bottle and energized with "Gold energy" and "Muscovite Mica". The water feels wonderful on the skin. My skin feels younger. I feel the energy strongly in my back and in my heart Chakra as I energize the water..."




"...I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING the Ultimate Healing Workshop! It's amazing to be able to manually activate the Kundalini, Chakras and Perform the Ultimate Healing & Rejuvenation Session! Thank you so much for sharing your work! ..."




"...Dear OLE, Your gold reiki attunement was extremely beautiful. I saw a huge golden yellow sphere which surrounded my whole body. Then, I felt immense joy. It was mesmerizing. Thank you so much..."




"...Thank you so much for the attunements, they made a profound difference in the way I feel..."




"...Just wanted to say that I am very impressed by your attunements. I have worked with different energy systems and your work really stands out. I feel the energy of your attunements as being very pure and yet very strong and effective. I believe that in times of global transition such as now, work like yours is very timely and needed. I am really looking forward to work with your energy system and be able to learn as much as possible. It is already helping me in so many ways..."




"...I have had a physio kundalini syndrome for more than 30 years. I was saved by your kundalini reiki..."




"...Thank you very much for this wonderful experience and for the great work you are doing! Also thank you for adding new attunements :)..."


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